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Hurricane Matthew Update - Bunker Renovations

November 29, 2016 

Dear World Golf Village Members,

First, we hope that anyone who faced any major damage to your home or property from Hurricane Matthew has fully recovered. Again, it seems like the WGVR did not see the worst of the hurricane and we can all be thankful for that. 

I want to give you a quick update on the golf courses and what our plans are over the coming weeks when it comes to bunker repairs and landscape work throughout the golf courses. As you all know, both courses did see significant damage to the bunkers during the hurricane, but the clubhouses came through in very good shape. Our hope was, that due to the damage caused by the hurricane, we would be able to get significate work completed on all the bunkers at both courses along with some tree and landscape work. 

I am pleased to report that we are going to be able to complete significant work at both properties through our insurance claim. Below you will find the tentative schedule for the bunker work that needs to be completed at both properties, as soon as possible. We are sorry for the short notice, but we have been working to finalize the claim with our insurance company and they are requiring us to start construction once the claim is settled, which just happen on Friday, November 25th.     

The bunker work will begin at the Slammer & Squire Golf Course this coming Thursday, December 1st. We are being directed by our insurance company to get the work completed over the next 3 months to satisfy our claim. We will be closing 9 holes at a time to complete the work. The other 9 holes will remain open for play for both 9-hole and 18-hole rounds. Once we complete the work on the first 9 holes, we will turn around and start working on the other 9 holes. The contractor who is completing the bunker work is confident they can finish all 18 holes at Slammer & Squire by the first week of January. 

Once we complete the bunker work at Slammer & Squire, we will then start the bunker work at the King & Bear Golf Course. The same process will take place; 9 holes will be under construction and the other 9 holes will remain open for play. The contractor who is completing the bunker work at King & Bear is confident they can finish all 18 holes by the end of February.

The landscape work will include some tree replacement and pine straw work throughout the courses. This will not require us to close down the courses for any of the work and we will be completing this work over the next 3 to 4 months. 

We will be working very hard to get the bunker work completed as soon as possible so we can have the courses cleaned up and back open at 100% by spring. We know this will cause some inconvenience to our Members, but we ask for and will appreciate your complete understanding and patience as we work though this major capital project. I think we all can agree that by completing this bunker work at both properties will only improve and enhance the overall golf experience for our membership. 

Please look for more detailed information over the coming weeks via email. This is a big project and it is likely to change week to week, but our overall goal is to have all the bunker work completed by the end of February. Our Members will always have one golf course open for play and half of the other course available as well. Jeff Hartman is working on any tee time changes that will impact our Members and public players. If you have any questions regarding tee times, please check with the golf shops or myself.

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Best Regards,
Jim Hahn
General Manager
King & Bear | Slammer & Squire.
(904) 940-6125
Hurricane Matthew Update - Bunker Renovations

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