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Banquet & Event Policies 


A $1,000.00 deposit is required to secure the date as definite. This deposit will be applied toward the final bill at full value. In the event that any function is cancelled or date is changed, The Slammer & Squire and King & The Bear reserve the right to retain the deposit and it then becomes property of the club. If the patron does find it necessary to cancel or change the date of the function, expenses incurred by The Slammer & Squire or King & The Bear will be charged to the client.

Payment Policy

Deposit is due at time of contract. A credit card on file is required for any additional or incremental charges. Fees must be paid in full by the date of the function. A credit card must be on file for incremental charges for the event.

Space Fees & Facility Rental

Space fees are for a three (3) hour event, not including set up and breakdown, at the Slammer & Squire and the King & Bear. You may add additional hours to your event time for $200 per hour. The space fee includes: room set and breakdown, linen package, cake cutting service, and full use of the dining room, terrace, and parking for the event. A shuttle service to and from the parking lot is available for an additional $150 charge per shuttle. Dance floor, premium linens, and vendor’s services may be additional. There will be a charge of $500 per hour for each additional hour the room is occupied by the client or guest of the client which exceeds the original end time to the event set in the contract. Revisions to the original contract may necessitate revising rental fees. Any additional equipment to include, but not limited to tents, additional tables, or ceremony chairs are not included in the “Space Fee” charged by The Slammer & Squire. The Slammer &Squire will outsource any special needs including rental items and will add the cost plus 20% to the balance of the event. The ceremony fee includes set up and one (1) additional hour to the facility rental time beginning 1⁄2 hour prior to ceremony start time.

Room Set Up & Breakdown

An approved floor plan and timeline will be provided at the final meeting with event details and final walk through. Room set will include tables dressed with centerpieces, favors provided by client placed at the tables, other items provided by the client placed in the room or at tables, sign in and gift tables set and clothed, dressed cake table, and room clean up. For all outside event locations, the Club reserved the right to decide to change venue to an indoor location. This may be decided as early as 4 hours prior to event set up time.

Food & Beverage Guidelines

A menu selection must be made no later than thirty (30) days prior to your event. A final count is required seven (7) days prior to the event. Should the guarantee be less than 80% of the number of guests initially quoted to attend the event in the contract, repricing of food and beverage may be necessary. If a guarantee is not received, the Club will prepare and charge for the expected number originally quoted. Each guest will be charged for meals provided. We will make every effort to accommodate special requests; however, additions to the final count provided within 7 days prior to your event are not guaranteed by the Slammer & Squire or King & Bear. All food & beverage must be provided by and prepared by The Slammer & Squire or The King & Bear. The food provided is sold on a per person basis and remains property of the Club and is not available for the host to remove from the property. Requests for meals to accommodate special diets will be honored with a 7-day notice. All food and beverage prices are subject to 6.5% tax and 22% service fee


The dining facility may be occupied no earlier than two hours before the event’s scheduled time. TheSlammer & Squire and The King & Bear have some restrictions on decorations for events. No wire or tape of any kind will be used on any woodwork; this includes on the verandas and stairs Ribbon may be used as reinforcement. No tacks or nails are to be used at any time. For more details and possible alternative means of decorating, please consult management. Our service staff will set up the event with items provided. In the event the set up requires additional time or staffing, a fee may be assessed. All layouts and room set up must be approved by management prior to the event. The Slammer & Squire and The King & Bear are not responsible for items that are left on premise.

Vendors & Deliveries

The client is responsible to make the Club aware of any vendor requirements including but not limited to: delivery times, space requirements, electrical requirements, tables, and contracted meals to be provided to the vendor. The Slammer & Squire and King & Bear are not responsible for any third party vendors contracted by the client. Upon approval, items to be provided by the client, vendor, or third parties on behalf of the client for the event must be delivered by appointment only and an inventory given to management no earlier than 48 hours in advance unless otherwise approved by management. Vendors, wedding/event planners, or guests, may not use employees or staff of the Club to load or unload equipment or food items, set up or break down any decorations or rentals, or use them in any other capacity to fulfill the responsibilities or scope of work arranged by the client and its vendors or guests. Vendors must provide all of their own equipment unless otherwise arranged with the facility in advance. Each vendor, coordinator, and planner must sign the Vendor Agreement Form.


The Slammer & Squire and King & Bear will not be held responsible for damages or loss of any property brought to the Club by the client, its vendors, or guests. Damages resulting from the client, guests, or vendors will be charged to the client. Any damages to the facility or its contents

occurring due to the function will be added to the client’s bill as soon as it is discovered and quotes are taken for repair or replacement.


If the client or the Club feels that security is needed for their function, the client must provide it.